About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a domestic violence shelter?
Many people are initially under that impression, but the Center is not a residential facility in any way. We offer a variety of services and programs for women who want to find sustainable employment, receive counseling, attend self-development classes, reinvent themselves, and more.

Who do you serve?
We serve any woman who comes to the center. The women we serve span the spectrum in terms of income, education, skill level, age, sexual orientation, and background.

Is the Center connected to another organization?
No, we are a free standing independent nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) organization.

Do you only serve poor women?
That’s another assumption many people make when they first hear about the Center, but we serve women from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Are any of your programs covered by insurance?
Not at this time, but two of the therapists are working on being able to take insurance. To accommodate clients who are on a limited income, we have a sliding fee scale for all services.

Where are you located?
We are conveniently located at 1710-1712 E. Michigan Ave. We are on the #1 bus line and there is a stop out front. Parking is available
on the street and in back of both buildings.

What are your hours?
Someone staffs the office Monday-Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm. We have evening hours for counseling, support groups and workshops. Saturday appointments are available by apt.

How are you different from other job programs, like Michigan Works, for example?
While we provide job seekers with some of the same services that Michigan Works provides, it is how we provide our services that sets us apart. We take an individualized, comprehensive approach to helping each woman achieve and maintain economically selfsustaining
employment. Rather than take a template approach, we work intensively with every client, helping her to identify strengths, capabilities, and challenges in obtaining employment. Our beginning point differs from client to client, we start with where they are, giving them what they need from beginning to end. In short, we assist women in overcoming barriers to employment, and provide support services if and when such services are needed.

Do you give out bus passes or gas vouchers?
Transportation assistance is determined on a case by case basis. We have had grant monies in the past that provided transportation assistance, right now, grant monies that provide transportation benefits for Center clients are limited. We are actively seeking donations and grants for the women involved in our Job Group and receiving other services from the Center. We hope to be able to provide transportation assistance again in the future.

Do you have job interview clothes available for your clients?
Yes. Women who are actively working with us on job related issues and seeking work or even interviewing for a promotion, have access to our closet of professional business attire. By the way, we are always happy to receive clothing donations for our job seekers.

How do you get your funding? Are you a United Way agency?

Our funding comes from private foundations, city and county governments, and individuals who support our mission. We continually engage in our own fundraising efforts. If you know of any grants we should apply for, please let us know. We are not a United Way agency. If the Center were connected to United Way, we would not be able to receive much of the private foundation funding.

Feel free to contact the Center with any questions.