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“The cover letter you helped me create really worked. The employer called me within 30 minutes of e-mailing
it out to him. “ -Call From a Women’s Center Client

What The Women ’ s Center Means To Me

Recently someone and I were having a conversation about my experience with The Women’s Center. I was asked to use one word to describe my experience. I really didn’t have to search long for it. My word along with the Spirit that the Women’s Center evokes in me and for me is: REDEMPTION. I feel redeemed by the support I receive at the Women’s Center. So embraced, nurtured. It is humbling and it empowers me to face the circumstances of my life. Circumstances that just a short while ago, before my first day in the doors of The Women’s Center, felt overwhelming and I was in a state of despair.

One of the greatest gifts that the Women’s Center has offered me is acceptance and understanding. By understanding all the aspects of “Crisis”, the staff, interns and volunteers make it possible for me to face my life on life terms and not be afraid. Not be afraid to admit that I need help, that it’s okay to ask and that I’m safe in trusting that Mother will provide for me.

So having acknowledged that I have created a Wish List for myself. As a woman in Life transition, healing poverty, joblessness, homelessness and dis-ease, my list reflects this healing. It’s a broad range. Yet it comes with a meditation that I’m open and willing to receive all good gifts in my life. Also one of my affirmations is that “I am the daughter of A Benevolent Universe and I experience radical, abundant acts of benevolence frequently and consistently. And It Is So… I Am So Grateful

-Women’s Center Client