The Importance of Becoming a Founding Man

Dear Friend:

I am sending you this request because I know that you are someone who cares about Lansing and its residents. I am asking you to become One of a Hundred Founding Men of the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing (WCGL).  I serve on the Board of the Women’s Center and I am committed to its mission and goals - that’s why I am already One of a Hundred!  We need your help to do more for our community.

Our Mission
Simply put, the mission of the Women’s Center is to help women realize their potential.

Why Should You Become a Founding Man?

  • To help the women who are in need in the Greater Lansing area, including the women of Michigan State University.
  • To potentially help your wife/partner, daughters, and sisters or mother in the event they need the help of the Women’s Center.
  • To help the Women’s Center continue to build on their 5 years of efforts in helping the women of Lansing.

For just $100 per month or an annual gift of $1,200, we can improve even more women’s lives in Lansing.  With one hundred men giving 100 dollars a month we will ensure that the Women’s Center will have a base of funds to continue and to expand its services in the Lansing area.  Once we have 100 Founding Men, we will gather together to celebrate. Again, we need you!

Why Act Now?
There are many working families in the Lansing-area who are experiencing very tough times in our current economy. Now imagine – you have no prospects of a job, no health care coverage and no formal education. Where would you go? What would you do? Who would you turn to for assistance?  Well, many women in these circumstances turn to the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing for help.

On a daily basis the Women’s Center helps women deal with the affects of sexual and domestic violence in their lives.  We have four master’s level therapists and many interns who see women free of charge or on a sliding scale.  We also have the only on-going sexual assault support groups in the area. Women who seek support while going through the end of a relationship can find help there too as well as women who are caring for a terminally or chronically ill loved one.  Read on to hear some real life stories. 

Women’s Center Stories
"I‘m writing to express a heartfelt thank you for your help during my job search. WOW, I remember about a year and 1/2 ago when I walked into the Women’s Center and you totally blew my socks off when you gave me a glimpse at my potential. Funny, for better or worse that feels like a life time ago. The truth of the matter is that all of the resume and letter revisions, serving as a reference, feeding me leads and, most importantly, your kind words of support and guidance made all the difference in the world. During what was a difficult and sometimes painful experience I had hope. The lives of my family and I are forever changed because of your kindness. Words can’t express how blessed I felt to have had you on my side. Thank you again. Take care, have a happy New Year, and may God bless you and yours."  – Janet K

"The Women’s Center offered me a place where I did not have to explain or defend how I got myself into such a difficult place. They focused on what I wanted, what I felt I needed in a way that helped to empower me. I did not feel judged or helpless. I truly knew that they are there for their clients not just as a business income. Payment for services rendered was never mentioned. Thank you to everyone who touched my life. Blessings."  - Teresa

"I am very grateful to the Women’s Center for what they did for me when things couldn’t have been more grim. It has renewed my faith in mankind. Thank you Cindie and Manuela." – Shirley

Above are just a few of the stories of the more than 2,200 women the Women’s Center has helped in the past 5 years.  Unfortunately, there are more stories to be told and women to be helped.
Please use the enclosed sign-up form to indicate how you would like to make your donation to help the women of greater Lansing.  I would also encourage you to call the Center's directors, Manuela or Cindie at 517-372-9163 to set up a personal tour and meeting. 

Please join our team be One of One Hundred.

Greg Ward, Chair, Founding Men Campaign