One of a Hundred Founding Mothers

Dear Friend:

A Success Story -
I‘m writing to express a heartfelt thank you for your help during my job search. WOW, I remember about a year and 1/2 ago when I walked into the Women’s Center and you totally blew my socks off when you gave me a glimpse at my potential. Funny, for better or worse that feels like a life time ago. The truth of the matter is that all of the resume and letter revisions, serving as a reference, feeding me leads and, most importantly, your kind words of support and guidance made all the difference in the world. During what was a difficult and sometimes painful experience I had hope. The lives of my family and I are forever changed because of your kindness. Words can’t express how blessed I felt to have had you on my side. Thank you again. Take care, have a happy New Year, and may God bless you and yours.  – Janet K

I am inviting you to join me and the other women leaders to be One of a Hundred Founding Mothers of the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing.  I’ve always believed in women helping women.  The mission of the Women’s Center is to help women realize their potential..

What are the benefits of being a Founding Mother?

  • The knowledge that all the funds you donate will be used right here in the greater Lansing area to help local women, including local college and university students.
  • The security in knowing that if you, your daughters, sisters or mother need the Women’s Center it will be there to help.
  • The knowledge that you are helping the Women’s Center to be self-sustaining for years to come so that the co-directors and staff can focus their energies on working to help women rather than on an endless series of fundraising events.
  • Acknowledgement in the Women’s Center newsletter and on the web site as a Founding Mother, of course if you choose to remain anonymous we will respect and honor your wish.
  • Participation with me in an annual celebration of our Founding Mothers.

One Hundred Women, $100 per month, that’s all it will take to create a base of funding to keep the Women’s Center operating for years to come.

As you know these are difficult economic times in Michigan.  However, even during these times the Women’s Center continues to be successful in helping women who are unemployed, under-employed, and in many cases homeless to find good paying, economically sustaining jobs, often times with benefits.  On a daily basis the Center helps women deal with the after affects of sexual and domestic violence in their lives.  The Center has four master’s level therapists and 11 graduate student interns who see women free of charge or on a sliding scale.  They also have the only on-going sexual assault support groups in the area.  Women who seek support while going through the end of a relationship can find it there too as can women who are caring for a terminally or chronically ill loved one.

Here are a few more success stories:

  • After a few years of a new marriage and many years of having a successful career Janet’s husband became ill with terminal cancer.  Janet had recently started a new job in her field but the amount of time she had to spend on her husband’s care took its toll.  Janet was let go from her new position.  When her husband died several months later Janet found herself without a job and little financial reserves left.  Janet moved in with her best friend.  She arrived at the Women’s Center with little self-confidence and what she perceived to be a huge negative experience on her resume.  After a number of months in the job seekers support group and volunteering at the Center Janet gained the confidence to return to the job market.
  • After several years of receiving welfare benefits and not being able to find a job Carmen volunteered at the Women’s Center to fulfill her Work First requirements.  While at the Women’s center she received assistance with her job search, resume writing and cover letters.  When she had an interview scheduled and no transportation, the staff drove her to her interview and picked her up.  She is now earning $15 per hour and has full benefit for her and her 3 children.
  • After many years of childhood sexual abuse that began at the age of 5, Anna had a breakdown and began self-mutilating as a way of dealing with the stress and anxiety in her life.  Anna came to the Center a few months ago, looking for help.  She has not cut herself since coming to the Women’s Center.

These are just a few examples of the over 120 women the Women’s Center sees every week and has helped in the five years.  There are so many more.

Please use the below form to indicate how you would like to make your donation.  I’ve been to the Women’s Center, taken a tour and spoken with the co-directors, Cindie and Manuela.  If you would like to do the same, please call them at 517.372.9163 to set up a personal tour and meeting. 

Please join our team be One of One Hundred.

Mary Roszel, Chair of the Founding Mother Campaign

Become One of One Hundred Now (PDF)