Assertiveness Training for Women

Assertiveness Article

There’s a difference between using assertiveness to accomplish a goal vs. developing an assertive identity. It has to become a part of you to truly be assertive. Sure, while you are learning, some of what you will do is to use the new skills you are learning to obtain the goal of becoming assertive. Anyone can be assertive occasionally; the long term goal is for it to become a part of you. Read more...


Meet our assertiveness trainers...

  • Are you embarrassed by praise or crushed by criticism?
  • Are you letting your kids get away with everything they want?
  • Are you allowing your family members to impose on you?
  • Are you having trouble coping with people?

If so, then this group may be right for you.

This group is based on the book "Assertiveness for Women," this six week series focuses on understanding your assertiveness type and how to practice positive assertion in your life. Discussion format allows for individual practice and exploration of situations that occur in personal and professional relationships. Co-facilitated by Julie Parks and Jennifer Meldrum, $10 per session, drop ins are welcome.

Contact the Women's Center for more information.