Job Seeker Tips

By Norma Bauer, Employment Specialist, Tuesday Night Job Club Facilitator, and WCGL Board Member

The Yellow Pages are Your Friend

If you like animals, target all the pet food stores where you shop, along with the veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, and pet grooming places. If horses are your thing, try the riding stables, the tack shops—any place that has to do with horses. Even the Beekman therapeutic riding stables might need a knowledgeable volunteer, to get some experience on your resume, and that could develop into a job if they found funding for one… If you like clothing, target the stores in the mall. If you like working with hair, target the large salons that might need someone to sweep the floor and wash the towels. Target the beauty supply stores and the health and beauty section of drug stores. Why not? You don’t have to hate your job. You can do things you like to do and be around people who like what you like—while you’re at work! The advantage to the employer is that you’ll want to come into work every day. It might not even feel like work! If you have an interest, you might have a lot of knowledge that other job seekers don’t. Chances are you’ll be a quick learner. Employers like that.